!!It's been a while, here's an update!!

Welcome to my webzone!(yes, really calling it that)

There will be mounds of content here eventually(probably)


Things I like:

My top 3 favourite games:

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  2. Animal Crossing (NL & NH)
  3. Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Mannnnn I have like no time to spaaaaare. I really wanna update this

Seems like some people have seen this... Hello there! I know this page is real dissapointing lol. It's just a thing I decided to do for fun.

So uhh.. the real point of this site is still undecided, to say the least riiiiight?
Well, I should put something in here.
Having said all that,
Hello, and welcome to the mess that is this page. I am ExcitedShiba (Username is courtesy of a random name generator [because I'm so good at naming things]) or trash lord supremeth If you will.
Now, I have a confession to make, I know nothing about html lol (besides the basics we were taught at school), you can see, this website is really... minimalistic and simple, to put it lightly. I do plan on rectifying that in the future, but as my situation stands presently I really have no time to do anything(Not even for video games!! Madness!).
One other thing I'm clueless about is css.Any css i've used on this page is just through google so I really just have no idea how this actually works.
It might look like absolute garbage, but this site is like my space on the web. I might not have the best decorating skills but I like it because it's mine. That's what drove me to neocities in the first place. I just really hope I can improve my skillzzz. lol
On another note, I've been playing guildwars 2 recently I'm still pretty much a noob at it but I think it's real fun! Anyone out there wanna play together? (just nod for yes or shake your head for no, I will recieve your answer telepathically) :D
Thanks for putting up with my pointless blabbering lol, I'll update this again when I have time!
--Shiba, out!

um so I want to do something for christmas here, but with my limited knowldge on this stuff I'm sure it's gonna be limited. Maybe just a little doodle would be enough, anyways, back to doing lame things. Thanks for reading!

Update: I'm not dead, just busy
cya l8t3r

gonna move this text to another page eventually

Well christmas is over but, between you and me, I always liked new year's more!